About Digital Taipei

Exhibition Theme Description

To promote the event exchange platform, “Digital Taipei”, for the digital content industry, the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, has organized the exhibition since 2009 and this will be the 13th exhibition.

As the new post-pandemic way of life slowly becomes the norm, technology and 5G have been slowly incorporated into life and work. The entertainment has been gradually integrated. Innovative technologies are no longer only for the next generation or a single field, they are now fully realized in every aspect of life. The 2021 Digital Taipei will focus on “future smart technologies for life” combined with “technology”, “smartification”, “entertainment”, and “fashion”, to create a cross-field, cross-industry, smart technology filled Digital Taipei.

The planning of the entire exhibition area incorporates the virtual and the real together. The exhibition covers 12 physical displays and 4 virtual halls that cover the themes of smart manufacturing, smart entertainment, smart healthcare, and smart retail. The different themes are also integrated with the new applications of emerging technologies, including remote teamworking, CAVE immersive projection virtual training, mobile healthcare vehicles, 5G AR applications, and other software and hardware integrations. The hope is to use the Digital Taipei platform to allow industry, academia, government and the general public to experience the results of the government’s promotion of industry and digital transformations in a fun and casual way. Digital Taipei aims to create new trends in life that combine cross-field experiences and lead industry, academia, and government into the future.

Registration https://bit.ly/2021DTshow

Introduction of each theme area

Digital human VTuber travel channel

The “2021 International Digital Human VTuber Hackathon” used “digital V power for Taiwan” as its theme. It integrated digital human applications of digital twin technology into 40 different vibrant and lively creations to take everyone on a virtual tour of Taiwan.

5G AR realizes the “Sun Walker Game”

[Introducing emerging technologies to drive the development of the smart content industry and new innovative applications]

With the promotion of smart content production technologies in the past years, the MOEA is assisting the cross-field integration and industry transformation of intellectual property (IP), thereby expanding the results of emerging technologies of IP and cross-field cooperation.

Cross-field applications of original IPs with market potential are used to drive the domestic development of cross-industry through the introduction of emerging technologies and the convergence of smart technologies. With the additional incorporation of local features, new smart content or services can be developed to drive the digital industry transformations and upgrades.

2021 Digital Taipei virtual hall

The 2021 Digital Taipei has partnered with various companies to create the 13 physical “future smart technologies for life” exhibition areas and 4 online virtual exhibition halls: Smart manufacturing, smart entertainment, smart retail, and smart healthcare, sharing cross-field technical applications and solutions.

Holopark pop-up experience

By using technology as the basis and incorporating local features and elements, the experience creates a technological tourist attraction. It immerses the visitor through the integration of holograms and communication positioning technology with the application of AR augmented reality.

Cross-border XR virtual vertical management system example

It realizes real-time streaming of digital humans, virtual settings, and real people and real settings through two-way Live XR new video production techniques. It achieves real-time synchronization and remote video making applications.

The empirical evidence of Artificial Intelligence motion detection for the online sport service

To combining with the advantage of 5G high-speed and Low Latency, through the smart device, the motion detection algorithm would be able to recognize and monitor user's exercise condition, and giving the instant feedback to the users about the accuracy of their posture. It is the perfect example of using technology to enhance the users fitness experience and improve their performance.

Retina CAVE immersive projection system example

Retina CAVE provides 8K resolution, headset free VR and MR experiences. The system consists of 4 4K projectors and a quick assembly large screen. It can detect the user’s facial and hand movements in real-time to realize gesture controls for the virtual space, for example, video and 3D model displays or virtual training courses, etc.

Motion Capture Lab: Motion capture studio

The Motion Capture Lab provides films, games, animations, and other digital content industries with the ability to realize virtual reality applications, such as digital humans and remote teamworking, through Facial Capture, Faceware HMC, VR/AR/MR technologies.

VR sports technology - The secrets of the coral beneath the sea

Using 3D art implementation technology to build a 360° panoramic ocean world. It combines an elliptical trainer with a VR headset to allow the player to explore an under water world while exercising. Players can enjoy the joys of diving while they workout.

Independent game development incentive program results

In order to encourage startup independent game development teams to develop diverse creative content and cultivate local creators, the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, launched the “Independent Game Development Incentive Program”. The exhibition gathers several award winning creations, from pixel bitmaps to the extraordinary, from mystery story telling to card strategy games, every game has an unique style and gameplay, fully displaying the development and original design capabilities of Taiwan independent games.

Smart entertainment - Virtual reality technology experience

The performer is filmed in a remote studio through motion capture. The motion capture system is able to quickly capture the performer’s actions and send them to the computer for real-time rendering. A real-time performance can be realized through the high speeds and low latency of 5G.

Smart pharmacy - Yes Chain mobile vehicle

With the combination of AI-VTubers and smart healthcare vehicles, on-site vital sign measuring, health product analysis and recommendations, exercise guidance, and other services can be provided to the public through advanced smart equipment. The smart services can teach the public correct healthcare concepts.