About “Temptation” Mobile game  Team Interview

About “Temptation” Mobile game Team Interview

【LLI News】Interview “Temptation” Game Producer / Nini Tsai
Q1:Why did you choose the "Bible" theme to be the production idea and development of the concept?
A: We all know that the world's best-selling book is the Bible. There has lots of successful Hollywood movies based on the contents of the Bible. Such as the Lord of the Rings, The Prince of Egypt, Noah's Ark, which all has great story lines. The world and space has unlimited imagination, our company will be based on the contents of the Bible to development our future games.

Q2:There has a wide range of types of Mobile game in the market, what do you think about "Temptation" in compare to other games such as ” Three Kingdoms” type of the games?
A: "Temptation" breakthrough the traditional frameworks of game, more like RPG gameplay to the theme of the Bible, with significant differences in “Three kingdoms” games…. I think all game production companies have the responsibility to lead the players to a new space, new game system and new gaming experience. This is very risky but worth a try!

Q3: What is your favorite Character in Temptation? And during the development process, will you increase the power level of the character you like?
A:"Temptation" have many characters: like boys and girls, Judges queen, troops developed by animals and plants, special forces, dove master, etc.; Ghost forces of Satan, the devil seven deadly sins, BOSS, special demons and so on.
My favorite character is Satan, because he makes me felt the challenge. Imagine his appearance well beyond the reality. In the Bible, there are many descriptions about the power of Satan. The more powerful he is, the bigger challenge we have. That makes the game to be more fun!
Especially when we apply seven demons card on plants and animals troops. The visual design will base on different properties of the character to have different ways of attacks. For example: cedar’s attack is using roots, dolphin’s attacks by the water of the sea... it would be very different.

Q4: As the "Temptation" comes from the Bible, will the game has any hidden character or Bible story?
A:I think in the level of the Seven Sins, the Seven Ghost and the Seven Holy Spirits shows it clearly. For example: lust demon needs to use chaste forces to control him and jealous demon will use the mercy to convince him.
But I want to mention one special location in the game that is the Sanctuary. It is the main concept of the church. As long as the guardians group together to form an alliance, it will be able to develop the Sanctuary. Then can use the donations to upgrade the technology level and set up the Altar. It is entirely follows the words from the Bible and the worship of God. Please join us in the Holy spiritual battle.
Q5: On the "Temptation" game design style, are there any big difference from our understanding which make it more impressive? Are there any kinds of idea during the design on the character’s style?
A: We purposely use sheep as the main characters as it has been mentioned in the Bible. Although it looks like the weakest character, it always be the strongest leader. Lamb representatives the honor salvation. It needs to complete all the missions and continue moving forward. Unfortunately, Taiwanese players did not seem to agree with this, as the reception is not high. So we change the role of design of characters in the game to make it more like human.
Also in the visual design of the game we use major Western style on characters, scenes, props and other colors. This has been proved during the Cologne Fair and the American exhibitors, Western publishers gave very good comments on our visual design and our interactive design is well accepted. Even the Japanese are also really appreciate our design concept. Therefore bring the Game to the international market is the right direction for us.

Q6: From the producer point of view, do you think what is the most special feature in the game?
A: The most special feature of “Temptation” is to challenge the devil in my own mind and use the heart of the guardian of the sanctuary to face the world’s most impossible challenge.
To breakthrough the quest of the Seven demons, compete with all of friends around the world in the arena, the challenge of world-class BOSS, capture the Hides tower to rescue the soul with your teammates, and finally challenge the final demon Satan!

Q7: After the game’s official launch, what will be the future focus and direction of development?
A: We will continue to evolve and optimize the entire game structure, such as Hades tower and Gehenna attacking plans, the new demon with the new generation of troops .... enhance data distribution, etc., so that gamers will enjoy different challenges! We will also announce some important functions in our press conference in August!

Q8: Could you say something to our "Temptation" gamers in Taiwan and Asia?
A: Unlike the “Three kingdoms”, please don't stick with the old game style. Let us play this new game with an open mind. Such that our independent Taiwanese development team could have a chance to enter the global gaming market from Taiwan!