About “Temptation” Mobile game  Develop from Taiwan

About “Temptation” Mobile game Develop from Taiwan

【LLI News】Taiwan independent mobile game development team the "Leap-Leaf Interactive" published their latest multiplayer RPG mobile game the "Temptation". It is based on the movie stories about the "Seven Deadly Sins" from the Bible. The games will be available on both Google Play store and Apple Apps store. It would be another great choice for both strategy mobile game player and gamers who love religious story games.
This is the first mobile game about Bible stories. The guardian enters the game and accepts the challenge while the training process requires lots of patience. In the world of the game you will discovery a powerful energy is growing up. We shall guide you into the mission of the game and the great power can be in your hand.
The Hades of tower is the center of the whole game. The guardian needs to have a leader for the team and has the confidence in believing the leader to breakthrough all the challenges in order to reach the tower. The spirits of the dead can be released from their temporary stay in the world.
A. Guardian
Looks like the weakest character but always a strongest leader; guardian’s heart is like a lamb representing redemption. You are the best guardian to complete all the missions and moving to the end.
B. The weakness of human
Get away from our bad habits, laziness, gluttony, pride, etc. everyday. Let the guardian levels up when you remove all these weaknesses. You will improve your experience level and collect more equipment through the fight against the devil!
C. Element, equipment, devotional
Every level passed will be able to collect elements, the upgrade will accumulate forces and forging equipment. You can create your own equipment when you reach certain level.
D. Guardian must practice continuously
After training to a certain level, the Guardian will enter the arena to compete with the others and see which kind of skills or equipment is lacking behind.
Enter the Boss battlefield to combat with the devils trained by Satan. Each of them will have different attributes. See how long can you survival in the combat.
When you enter the Hides of tower, we need a team leader to lead us into the sinister place where all the deaths of soul stay. Go through all the challenges and achieve the highest victory for the Alliance!
E. Strengthen our Sanctuary
The more the challenges, the more appreciation about the importance of teamwork. Research together on different skill set and contribute to the Alliance and let the skill set grows. We have to learn how to feel grateful and let alter raised. The victory will be all the glory to God! This is the only way to make our sanctuary stronger.
F. Who is in hell vs the king throne
Temptation is not over yet. There is no ending of Satan. He keeps ruling in the world with his forces gradually growing. Do you remember the Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings? They exceed their power limits and completely destroy the Ring in the fire of the devil.
Guardians so are we. Let’s enter the hellfire in “Gehenna”, challenge the power of Satan. You will become the King through all the winnings!