Levi Buchanan
Chillingo, Electronic Arts
Job Title:
Developer Relations Director

What Kind of Game Should I Make?
10:00 - 11:00
Location (room):
Room 1
《Speaker Profile》:
  Levi Buchanan is a 17-year veteran of the videogame industry. From pioneering mobile game coverage at IGN to spearheading partner relations at Chillingo with hits such as Angry Birds, Iron Force, and Cut the Rope, Levi has been a strong advocate for mobile as a dominant force in entertainment.  
《Session Description》:
  Choosing what kind of game to make is the most important question a mobile game developer can ask in today’s challenging market. Are some genres played out? Which types of games present the biggest risks? What are the best opportunities? In this session, Chillingo will offer hard-earned tips and tricks learned over its dozen years of mobile game publishing experience that will help developers set the right course from Day One.