Greg Madison
Unity Technologies
Job Title:
Lead UX Designer for VR/AR/MR, Unity Paris Lab

The Future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality : Alternative Reality
10:00 - 11:00
Location (room):
Room 1
《Speaker Profile》:
Former professional magician illusionist, Greg is now; designer of innovative HCI, a futurist, an interaction designer of UX and UI, specialized in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. He was also a world finalist at the 2009 Microsoft Imagine Cup, in the category "Human Machine Design Interface" with a mixed reality headset project. This visibility led him to work in a R&D unit in particular on topics such as ambient intelligence, the IOT, the NUI as well as artificial intelligences such as Siri, Google now and Cortana. Today his energy and thoughts are focused on how to unify all these interactions in a fully connected world which he calls "The Egosystem". A future where the virtual world will be fully merged to the real world.
《Session Description》:
  Through a journey between perception, technology and foresight, we will try to have a glimpse on the new paradigms that are on the horizon in order to innovate in the right direction.