Kenken Rudy Salim
Job Title:

Success with the mistake (publishing and developing the game)
14:50 - 15:30
Location (room):
Room 1
《Speaker Profile》:
 Kenken start in game business in age 18 years old together with Lytogame. Most of skill and knowledge about Online game business is through his 14 years experience start from succesfull story and mistake what he done. The big experience that he proud is become the witness of game business history through Console game era, Pc online game era, web base online game era and now mobile game era specially in Indonesia and SEA market.
《Session Description》:
  There is always a mistake that we done while doing publishing and developing the game. One of them is the mistake because we out updated about information currently market. such as economic growth, infrastuructur, Trend, life style ,culture, user habit,etc. So beside talk about success key, knowing the mistake that could happen and avoid it is also one way to be success.