Oliver Kern
Lockwood Publishing Ltd
Job Title:
Chief Commercial Officer

Why, how and where to soft launch your mobile Game
14:10 - 14:50
Location (room):
Room 1
《Speaker Profile》:
Oliver   is   a   noted   growth   hacker   and   mobile  marketing   guru   and   has   helped   app   companies  ranging   from   indies   to   market   giants   like   Rovio   and  Wargaming.   In   his   more   than   20   years   in   marketing  and   advertising   he   has   marketed   hundreds   of  casual,   core   and   MMO   games   in   the   online   and  mobile   space.     Currently   he   serves   as   Chief   Commercial   Officer   at  Nottingham-based      Lockwood      Publishing,   the  creator   of   the   virtual   3D   world   AVAKIN   LIFE.  Next   to   that   he   is   board   advisor   for   a   number   of mobile   games   companies   and   mentor   at   Game  Founders.   Previously   he   worked   for   many   years   as  a   consultant   in   mobile   marketing   where   he  kickstarted   mobile   UA   for   companies   such   as   MAG Interactive,   flaregames,   EightPixelSquare   and  Hutch   Games   and   worked   with   great   teams   at  ProSieben,   Rovio,   Wargaming,   Next   Games   and  others.   Before   that   he   held   leadership   positions   at iQU,   JAGEX   and   IPlay/Oberon   Media.
《Session Description》:
Soft   launch   is   an   essential   stage   in   the   game  development   life-cycle   which   helps   you   validate  your   app   and   predict   how   your   game   will   perform  when   it   is   launched   globally.   A   testing   phase   with real   players   and   real   markets   allows   you   to   identify  key   issues   and   avoid   mistakes,   creating   an   app   that  can   have   a   positive   impact   –   both   on   your   business  and   your   audience.   In   this   session   Oliver   Kern   will   walk   you   through  the   process   of   soft   launching   games   in   the   western  markets   based   on   real-life    examples   and   personal  experience.   He   will   give   you   insights   into   the   test.