John Bergman
Guild Software, Inc.
Job Title:
Founder, CEO

Indie DevOps and Analytics: Building Scalable Online Games with Tiny Teams
15:50 - 16:30
Location (room):
Room 1
《Speaker Profile》:
John Bergman started out as a teenager in the early days of the "web", architecting large-scale, resilient internet services and networks for large telecom and tier-1 internet providers. He then founded Guild Software in 1998, and guided a small startup team through the construction of an MMORPG with a completely custom client/server engine, at a time when such products were very rare. The team went on to launch "Vendetta Online" in 2002, now one of the longest-running, continuously-updated MMORPGs in history. Adding player-created content in 2008, native mobile ports in 2010, and being the first MMO to support the Oculus Rift in 2013, the game has continued to evolve and stay relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace. Beyond game development and design, John is also passionate about education, and serves on the advisory boards of half a dozen universities in his area, as well as mentoring new startups with several incubators and accelerators.
《Session Description》:
 A dense and fast-moving journey through the processes and architectures of server-side systems that can enable a small team to deliver and maintain a massive online game.. without going completely crazy. John Bergman's four-person team has done exactly this since 2002, maintaining and evolving their MMORPG "Vendetta Online" across multiple PC and mobile platforms. With indie teams targeting more and more ambitious goals, this session will delve into the automation of server clusters at scale, avoiding dependency issues and enabling fast rollouts (and rollbacks!). In-house analytics are also not beyond reach, with systems like Graphite providing a lot of power with minimal recurring cost. Relative tradeoffs of virtualization and cloud technologies, and how to make your project's server-side scale to an iPhone feature (a million new people per week). All this, and more, with a Q/A to follow.