Crimson Dusk Co., Ltd.

Crimson Dusk was established in May 2020, by 4 passionate game developers. Producer Sam He went off with a bang between indie game developers with his title "Hono Hime", complete it while handling different aspects of the development, art, programming, and planning all by himself. His experience and knowledge have been the core driven force of this team every since establish. The team is currently working hard on Hono Hime's development, and we believed it will be seeing everyone real soon.

Introduction of Exhibitors

Hono Hime is a Third-person action game combined with 3D Danmaku element. The player will be fighting against "Demon Shoujo", demon girls each filled with different emotions, alongside Hono Hime. Revealing the origin behind these Demon Shoujo and gradually unravel the stories of Hono Hime.


DaOne, named after Taiwanese pronunciation of Taiwan, symbolizes our dedication to use the island as starting point, advocate individual creativity via professional brand management, recreating native gaming environment, and strive to popularize Taiwanese games to the rest of the world.

Introduction of Exhibitors

《Boba Bash》is a casual Boba-Tea-themed game, with charming characters, easy one-hand control, and rich stage designs, teaching folk knowledge about culture and drinks as you immerse in the game. This game takes you to a wholesome fantasy world! Let’s make some boba tea with the lovable Boba Pigs! New Genre – Cooking X Bullet-Collection! Innovative Stress-Relieving Gameplay! .《Refreshing Gameplay》 – Gameplay revolves around both strategy and reaction speed. – One-hand control and quick stages, perfect for passing time. .《Marvelous Boba-verse》 – Adorable alien species. – Comedy woven from threads of plot and character interactions. .《Local Taiwanese Culture》 – Integrating beautiful Taiwanese sites with Boba culture. – Culturally familiar stages and meme.

Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom is the largest integrated telecommunication service provider in Taiwan, with leading offerings in domestic and international fixed communication, mobile communication, broadband, and internet services. In addition to these traditional services, the Company also provides information and communication technology services to enterprise customers with big data, information security, cloud computing and IDC capabilities, and is expanding businesses into innovative technology services such as IoT, AI, etc. All of these capabilities and offerings aim to create an optimal communication environment to enable wonderful and convenient digital life-style, as well as to serve as a key partner for other international telecommunication service providers.

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AVR Enterprise Application


Ark is a Taiwanese team with the tech-core of 3D technology patents. Exclusive development of unique multi-lens matrix modeling equipment. Combination of 3D calculation technology and low-delay web 3D. Target the needs of museums, artworks, and online museums. Three leading advantages of the market: The speed of matrix scanning imaging is fast, The best detail texture shown The 3D matter could reveal the real color of the item with macro lens.

Introduction of Exhibitors

In order to achieve a new generation of contactless online museum 3D shopping guide service, we are building the Ark World Museum website, which will replace traditional physical headset guides after the epidemic. As a 3D display platform that connects museums all around the world, we provide 3D image shooting services, also establish online purchasing, which allows viewers to purchase and store their favorite exhibits in their mobile phones through a charging method similar to itunes.


In Taiwan, "Cowbay" is a word commonly used to express all kinds of emotion. Players shouting "Cowbay! (same as WTF!) what kinda people came up with this brilliant idea" during gameplay, is considered the greatest compliment to development team. Gaming indicates our attitude toward life, it is also a newly developed art form. Whether developing our own game or localizing foreign games, our goal is always set to bringing players a full gaming experience. With what our team has accomplished over the years, we believe we can bring Taiwanese players the best gaming experience.

Introduction of Exhibitors

Cowbay is committed to producing a story-driven game with unique gameplay, a game that's different from what we have commonly seen in Taiwan. With Cowbay's strength in localization and voiceover, our goal is set to releasing it worldwide and to enhance Taiwan's recognition. The story of "Project Court 2050" is set in Taiwan 2050. Players would act as the court clerk in the game and face many moral choices. "Project Court 2050" has really innovative gameplay, it also consists abundance Taiwan traditional elements, such as Hakka, Taiwanese dialect, and indigenous language, as well as traditional instruments Suona and Pipa.