Exhibitor List

18Light Ltd.

"Behind the screen" Story Background It is a time when television started to hold its position in the living room. One case of murder stirred up the entire nation. You slowly walk out from the court while murmuring a single sentence,”Behind the screen, each man is a judge.” The sound of heavy stepping of court police and the shouting of roaring mob seems coagulated in the air at that very moment. You fall into deep memories trying to understand how you end like this. This game is set in a world of memories where fantasy and reality crisscross together. Through an old TV, our protagonist tries to find the real fragment of truth between memories and reality from 1960s to 1980s. What is real? Whose words are true? Those are the questions one may ask themselves frequently. Players can fully explore the world of memories by simply tapping the screen while using your intelligence to discover the truth hidden beneath twisted memories. The main plot of the story is about the inner screaming of one’s mind, and how a twisted society and media can kill an ordinary youth. "Behind the screen" Game Features Mingling reality and fantasy scenes in vintage drawing book art style A novel-like reading experience through our game story Different puzzle and riddle waiting for you to solve Instant gaming without learning "Behind the screen" Art style The art style of “Behind the screen” is inspired by Taiwanese antique color posters and commercials in 1960s. During those days when digital technologies hadn’t been popular, painters often drew these posters in a style between reality sketching and fantasy art style. Thus creating an unique art style unlike traditional painting which blends both the realistic of a photo and a fantasy-like art style. We believe this art form is perfect for "Behind the screen" while create our own style in a world filled with thousands of different art style.


A.R.T. Games

We provide services ranging from art direction, character and environmental concept design, 2D/3D/ UI effects integration, character animation and total solution in game development.



AVer Information Inc.

As a global leader in education technology, AVer offers schools the flexibility to create customized teaching and learning solutions, mixing and matching from a wide range of first-rate classroom technology. From our industry-leading visualizers, tablet and notebook charging solutions, easy-to-use classroom video conferencing camera, and the latest interactive flat panels, AVer enriches learning in the classroom by providing schools with the latest and best in classroom equipment.


Caliburn Studio

《Natari at the Bubble Planet》 《Regret July》


CELAD is a company mainly developing games, which is good at Japanese style works. They also look forward to break their own limitation, and develop all kinds of games.


Character Co., Ltd

【Professional Authorization】 Commercial exhibition Physical theme cooperation, ex:theme hotel, pet store Tangible brand:MunaiKuma theme café 【Marketing Channel】 Physical outlet (Authorize cooperation) Virtual outlet (self-employed) 【Character Storefront】 Shiau Shiang 1923 【Agents cooperate/Taiwan】 MunaiKuma CorgiBonBon Riceman 【Agents cooperate/Hong kong】 キリン先生 Mr. Giraffe Noir Blanc

Chinese Gamer International Corp.

"TS5" is the fifth title of the well-known three kingdoms-based IP created by Chinese Gamer, it's a turn-based MMORPG while players travel back to the three kingdoms age in the history, to start an adventure of correcting twisted history.

CreSpirit International Limited

Zombie-murdering fun for the whole family, right in the palm of your hands! Charge into the Zombie-infested Punie City 1.0 as one of our four demented mercenaries and start the carnage! Other than the mountain of weapons and equipment available, these elite field agents also wield their own special moves, from manipulating time, to summoning giant robots. With specialized weaponry, bonuses and the freedom to change equipment, skils and even swap characters, you're encouraged to discover and constantly refine your most deadly loadout! From the team that brought you Rabi-Ribi, CreSpirit now wants to put their mobile game D-Squad in your face! Dive in face-first into a zombie massacre mania!


ddtmap Technology LTD.

ddtmap Technology build an app combined AR/VR and English teaching materials. It has been used in Taitung Hot Spring elementary school, Hualien Yuli junior high school, and Qing Xi elementary school. Not only vocabulary teaching, but also has voice recognition to teach children how to pronounce English correctly. We plan to promote the app to all of the schools in Taiwan. We have App and 9D egg chairs on site. If you are interested, it’s welcome to have Q&A .



Dolphin Alpha is a help to relieve stress the music parkour game , listen to Alpha wave music in the game, can make the brain to effectively relax and relieve stress. 3 key points ● listen to Alpha wave music to relax, adjust all kinds of bad mood ● use the fingers to train the sensory response, so that the spirit of concentration ● watch pure and simple game screen, enjoy the visual relief



Mobile game development. IP Content Co-development. VR/AR game development.

Elephantjump Inc.

Engine Studios

Original animation TV series, Original animation feature film, Interactivity art and technology --------------- Original animation TV series-"Go Go Giwas" "Go Go Giwas" is a science educational 3D animation series based in the natural life and culture of Taiwanese aboriginal people. The story depicts the struggles and experiences of the main character Giwas, a girl of the Atayal tribe, as she works toward her dream of becoming the leader of the tribe. The subject matter and concepts presented are based on elementary and middle school natural science curriculum, presented through story lines of natural world life experiences of aboriginal people, in order to inspire interest in science among the audience. -------- Original animation feature film-"LAQI: the forest of monsters " "LAQI" is a CGI animation Film set to be released in 2019. Moxinar the monster escaped after 300 year's seal. He found that everything had changed from the world he used to know. The forest was vanished, and nature were almost disappeared. To help to find out what happened. He began a journey with a human little girl named Laqi and her house-keeper robot, Hermoon, to look for Laqi's father, who dedicated himself to forest restoration. In this journey, they will learn the value of family and friendship. Moxinar had to decide whether to sacrifice his power exchanging for the rebirth of nature.


Enjoy Thinking Studio

Introduction: This is an easy and exciting game. All you have to do is play one card in the beginning of each round, execute its ability and then calculate their points. Once you get familiar with all these fish cards and play the right cards in the right time, you may be the winner of Fish Fight! Yes! In this game, little Krill has the power to knock down big Shark! Story: Under the sea, eight fighters are ready to fight for their lives. So, pick up your card to join this fight, develop your strategy to eat others’ fishes and raise your score. The victory shall be yours! Warning: Don’t think too complicated, otherwise you may gain nothing but laughter.


EnjoyPlay Corp.

Erotes Studio Ltd.

The various game design and development focus on 2D art. Self-developed Unity 3D AVG developing kits. Capable for cross-platform development, such as PS4, PSV, Android, iOS and etc. Game audiovisual experience design Game and animation draft plan design Cross media proposal and Intellectual property management


F K Digital

We mainly develop games for home computers such as Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, SONY PS Vita, and PS4. We are excellent at porting games (smartphone to console) and creating 2D styled games. We started from create the free game “Super Cosplay War Ultra”, a 2D fighting game, with the know-how and evolution to our main title "Chaos Code" which is currently operating in Japanese game centers across the nation, and was selected for several large fighting game tournaments in Japan and US. Are you seeking a partnership for 2D action or fighting games? F K Digital should be your choice!


F.Rhythm 3D Animation Co.

A fragile egg said: Let's rock and roll! He trained himself with Chinese Kung Fu to be as tough as a rock.


Fevolut!on Innovation Inc.

Our works include but is not limited to original character IP design, development of mobile apps and animation, development and application of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) as well as 360 degree film making.


Fingerprint Studio Limited

Our products and services cover both B2B and B2C. In terms of B2B, we provide: - Engagement Design - Gamification Services - Game Design & Development Services - Character Design - Web & App Design For B2C products, we have produced several mobile game apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Our previous game title “Dr. Mixinstein” was nominated as “Most Anticipated Game in Development” at Casual Connect Singapore in 2015, and our current game in development “Triangle 180” has received Best Design Award from CreateHK (HK Government), as well as Merit Award at Asia Smartphone App Contest 2016. This year, "Triangle 180" won the Taipei Game Show 2017 Indie Game Award - Audience Choice. For more updated information, please follow our Facebook page: https://www.fb.com/Fingerprint.Studio.Ltd



Idol M@ker, a mobile music game, want to combine game and social media. It will devote to that any enthusiast can post their creations, music and idols here. We are offbeat in games: Big Data analysis will be applied to push the favorite to players; And using deep learning for level design, increasingly cost on submissions and risks from humans’ errors, can be saved. We believe, new pattern will design.

Flyer Game Studio

product : Zombie Eschatology kernel skills: 1. my c++ server engine 2. my c++ client engine 3. unity engine & c#


Funmily Corporation Limited.

“6SPay” is an integrated payment solution which covers geographic areas in a wide-span scale of 5 continents and over 200 major cities worldwide. Users are able to select from huge varieties of available payment channels and methods; including but not limited to Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards, e-wallets, Bank Transfer, Mobile Payments (DCB) and more. Only one API is needed for technical integration and instantly opened to the 400+ worldwide payment channels! Its greatest selling point is not limited to the variety of payments which is offering, but a true payment solutions enjoys high Conversion Rate and zero Chargebacks at the same time!

FunYours Technology Co., Ltd.

Web Game, Mobile Game



Our first title, DESERTOPIA, is developed by using Unity game engine. The project began from February, 2017 and will be released on iOS and Android this September. The basic concept of this game comes from our world, Earth. Unlike other simulation games, the core concept of DESERTOPIA is nothing lives long in the game. Water cycles fluctuate, animals can thrive or go extinct, and your lush forests are susceptible to desertification. The fertile world that you create is ever-changing, much like the world we live in.




Girls in Tech Taiwan

Glaciwaker Entertainment, Inc.

Game title: Smith Story Platform : Mobile (iOS/Android) Genre : Role-playing game Game Info : 《SmithStory》 is a casual game about "Tap & Arrangement & Forge". A player will play a role of a blacksmith nobody knows who tries to collect all of the books about forging in order to fulfill his grandfather's dying wishes! Step bt step, he will expand his blacksmith workshop. In the game, a player needs to beat monsters and forge weapons so as to acquire money. A player will have more chance to unlock more powerful functions when his money increases and he can also compete with other blacksmiths (World Rank). Go on! Challenge high-level monsters, search for rare materials, forge legendary weapons, and become a master blacksmith! Game title: Slime Legend Platform : Mobile (iOS/Android) Genre : Tactical role-playing game Game Info : 《Slime Legend》 is a turn-based tactics game based on "Tactic & Breeding". The battle system remains the features of tactical role-playing games. The battle scene contains 19 hexagons and a player and the computer take turns to attack each other in battle. A player will use the obstacles, special skills, and the strengths of each CLASS and arrange the actions and these all test a player's tactics. A unique feeding system has been created according to the story. As long as Slime swallows materials or other monsters' cells, he will split and then summon monster armies.


Glass Heart

Vigil: The Longest Night is a 2D action mystery side-scroller set in the Medieval times when the Black Death hit the Europe. You will be playing Leila and leverage the Vigil’s time control ability to fight against enemies, find clues, and uncover the mysteries. But be careful! Time can be a weapon to kill your enemies, or kill yourself. And only the wise choice can help you break the curse…



Main Business: Online Game Development, Publishing, Web Game Publishing, Mobile Game Development, IPTV, Console and Character Merchandising Game Titles: Ragnarok OnlineTM, Ragnarok Online 2TM, Ragnarok WEB, Ragnarok Revival, Ragnarok:Eternal Love, Idle Poring, Dragonica, Pororo IPTV Game


The Virtual Reality Wisdom Health Care product line can be used in both medical learning and health inspection which merge with gamification. User can experience a particular scene or characters for user to interact in three-dimensional circumstances by themselves. All the VR contents are arranged with VR Hub, the platform which user can share and download interactive VR games, and the mobile application for execution. Through completed VR courses and the combination with the quality of interactive eBook, the wisdom health care fully compromises the purpose of learning efficiency. With versatile experience, it provides user highly identification from the functionality on medical education and health care service. Related products included:  Medical core skills and electrocardiogram manipulation training: Beyond the scene and script, medical staff can acquaint knowledge of diagnosis process and the manipulation with electrocardiogram (ECG) and CT scan. The skill can be used effectively in medical educational training and the use of description to patients.  Health care sensing game: The system binds up physical therapy and health inspection for senior to monitor state of health. With the element of gamification, physical therapy becomes interesting games for audiences to experience.  Interactive eBook material: Using eBook resources to diversify learning materials. By SimMAGICeBook the authoring system, eBooks bring about rich interactive information and testing functionality for users to thoroughly gain knowledge through learning. By means of 2D and 3D teaching material, the objective is to create innovative learning experience for the accomplishment of learning digitalization and delight learning in variety industries. Our main products and services are as followed: We provide the interactive eBook editor and Cloud bookshelf for eBook storage to satisfy the insufficient lacking of narrative form, making reading and learning more interesting and impressive. At the same time, we provide the solution for the collection and classification on eBook. Relevant products include SimMAGICeBook, OnlineBook, GoEzB, CLibrary and eBookHub. We do elaborate research and development on the learning environment. Therefore, offering several solutions to solve the limitation and dilemma of learning environment. By means of synchronize system and various techniques; efficiently increase the efficiency of learning and teaching process. Simultaneously, teacher can easily control student study progress and sent the learning material timely. The integration on the learning environment not only facilitates teachers’ preparation before class but also extend students’ learning interest and results. Relevant products include ClassHub and TeachingCloud. We supply customized solution to meet the demand of various clients. This brings the benefit on sales market, company interior operation, training and communication. These technologies were used in several enterprise, government agencies and SME which include their selling process, conference fluency, employee training and paperless meeting management. Relevant products include SellingHub and MeetingHub and SimDesigner. SimMAGICeBook Interactive eBook Authoring System • Support PPT and PDF files for eBook authoring. • Easy to add interactive functions such as Panoramic Image, Augmented Reality, Multimedia and Animated Materials. • The exported eBook backing various operating systems. • Comprehensive reading function offers comfort and quality experience. ClassHub Virtual Learning Smart Classroom • Provide eBook transposing system to upload course materials rapidly. • Possess Synchronized function to sync teaching and conduct group discussion. • IRS for pop quiz and exam launching and result analyses. • Alternative patterns for exam compiling. • Multiple features for notation, document upload, photos taking and post-in note adding. TeachingCloud Virtual Wisdom Classroom Platform • Cloud contact book between teacher and parents for communication. • Several analysis and statistic items for learning results tracking. • Cloud bookshelves for learning materials collection. • Forum for students to express ideas or ask question. • Material authoring features. • The integration of pre-lesson, IRS during the class and communication after school. MeetingHub Cross-Platform Meeting Management System • Automated online electronic document conversion. • Query personal and daily meetings. • Search by meeting documents and category. • Cross-platform publication of meeting information or download and upload meeting content. • Supports multiple operating systems for portable devices. • Set meeting information accessing permissions. • Cross-platform meeting visuals synchronization. SellingHub Corporate Sales Aid System • System shows dynamic statistical analysis and Excel reports export. • Supported various operating mobile readers. • Flexible control mechanism on varying authority. • Synchronized updating operation cross area and time zone. • Integrated product leaflet, brochure and related multimedia information demonstration. • Five patterns for the interface and classification setting.





This is a Strategy-base game about toys fighting on the table . Using your hands , combining parts on the workspace to build complete toys , and then throw them into the war . There are many kinds of toys and each of them havs different abilities . Throw them in the best way , defense our headquarter and destory enemy force to win the war .



Goin live app is very rich in contents and filled with funny interaction. Every day is wonderful in goin live.Enjoy the free chat and help you sweep away all bad mood! All kinds of entertainment anchor are wating for you in goin live. If you want to get satisfy chat.If you want to experience comfortably live. Choose goin live! Go in your heart,enjoy your life.

Indigo Entertainment

Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte Ltd (IAHGames)

Institute for Information Industry

InterServ. International Inc.

InterServ International Inc. is best known for its development prowess and intellectual property creation capability across Asia, focusing on mobile platforms、VR game, InterServ is proud to offer high production value 2D and 3D titles to a wide spectrum of audiences. InterServ’s development vision has always emphasize on embracing the latest technologies, and combining Hollywood-standard presentation through its in-house creative talents to create the most immersive entertainment experience across all platforms. In addition to first party development, InterServ is also very active towards international collaboration, with business development presence around the world, partnership ranging from product licensing, IP licensing to co-op development. Looking forward, InterServ will continue to play an active role in the global gaming community while strengthening its roots in Asia.

Joy-Team Animation Co., Ltd.

We currently in development is “Red-Balloon Willie”, it has nominated the best 20 from SPP competition in Korea this year; it’s an 11 minutes x 26 episodes 2D animated TV series aimed at 3-8 years old target audience. The 1st episode has done. And the series will be delivered in Q4 2018. Our main character Willie, who is a smart little dog, carries his red balloon everywhere he goes. And his best friends are little red dog Ruby and Tony the frog. The whole story is about their adventures around the neighborhood. With Willie's wisdom, Ruby's and Tony's good intention, they could solve their daily problems in an interesting way. There is no villain character in the series. All the characters are innocent and willing to help each other.


faya-nugget is an Arduino module system that designed to be played with LEGO bricks. With this true electronic brick design, now you can build circuit and structure at the same time. With faya-nugget, you can put your Arduino project into LEGOs land, or make your LEGO creation alive. The only boundary is your imagination.


KidColand Co. Ltd

With the help of the latest robotic and VR technology, KidColand successfully merges them together to provide a unique 3D VR learning environment for our kids in Taiwan to touch and feel this technology. Our kids will learn how to program their robot visually in a predefined VR environment such as Mars/theme park/different countries/etc with their robot be programmed to help the kids to solve some problems like finding a way out, recognizing a subject and so on. Through this new generation of VR/Robotic classroom, kids learn English, logic, teamwork, and most importantly be opened up for a new world of creativity. KidColand aims to be the pioneer to bring VR and robot into our kid’s education in Taiwan and the entire world.


King Kit Technology Co, Ltd

[Product] - Webduino Board - DIY Arduino Package [Service] - Webduino Cloud Platform - Arduino Simulator [Core competence] - Hardware and Software Integration - Platform Development - IoT Integrated Solutions [Technology] - Front-end and Backend Web Development - Rapid Prototyping of IoT Systems - Cross-Platform App Development Tools


Landseed Asia Meducation

Leap Leaf Interactive

Our new game "Rise of Nation - Faith" is an ARPG with 3D, based on buying chapters to open the next pass. Players can switch Orc or Elf by dual roles controllable. 6 different scenes and challenges with their different difficult, players will get more and more attracted to this game. Platform: IOS、Android、Android TV


LiRise Technology Co., Ltd

"School Rumble" is a light real-time battle game in a fashion of cuteness. During play, players have control over characters to fight with each other. Players can win the battle by quick reaction and smart decisions, even to turnaround the game in the last minute. Pair up with your friends face to face for a decent fight. Simple game operation with immersive gameplay guarantees you a fresh and fun experience.

Lyto indonesia


Conviction is a SRPG game that background as a fantasy world.The story is talking about Al, Lead, byin. These three people started their adventure journey together to prevent the collapse of the world. This game program designed by HTML5+JS. Except for the basic PC platform version, we also plan to development mobile version in the future.

MangaX Technology Co., Ltd.

By developing a text-to-comic conversion technology, the MangaChat app realizes a collaborative approach for comic creation. Starting from inviting other users as co-authors, co-creating a story becomes literally a chatting experience with friends: as one inputs a line of text, the application detects emotional features within words and automatically composes a comic frame. In this way, message threads are rendered as comic strips, which can then be shared to other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


Megaxus Infotech


Miso Studio

Battle Galaxy: online casual battle arena Core technologies: - Cross platform using Unity - Cross platform network engine using Photon Core abilities - Scalable system suitable for different type of battle games - Fast development time (3 months)


Mizo Creative

Boardgame design, marketing, publishing, crowd funding


Moaideas Game Design

We can help you with: Game design & development. Custom printing & manufacturing solutions. Global sales & promotion of games.

Mobgame Pte., Ltd

MOL AccessPortal Sdn Bhd

MOL Payment Solutions: Collect payments from users with and without credit cards from our global payment solutions for digital goods and services. 1. Taps our gamers-renown zGold-MOLPoints (Formarly known as MOLPoints) eWallet and scratch-card as payment channels. 2. Enables Telco prepaid vouchers, online banking, credit cards, mobile SMS billing and other local payment channels optionally with one merchant account. 3. Supports PC and Mobile Web or In-App payments with one-time integration of our API or SDK. 4. Supports integration for one country or multiple countries, with over 15 local currencies. 5. Seamless payment flows and UI, providing easy access for your users to pay for your apps' services or games top-up. 6. Fraud protection and guaranteed payments.


Mrs.Tina Design Co., Ltd.

Main services:product design and developmentimage licensing.

MuMu Sweety

Authorize 、Product design

MyCNX Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd.

MMOG.asia, a global online gaming portal, providing games of various platforms from client and browser based to mobile, servicing gamers from all over the world, especially in the South East Asia with localized content and services. Games are localized into various languages such as Thai, Malay, Indonesian, English etc. along with contents and events customized according to local cultures, catering to demands for each region in the SEA. Local payment channels compatible in multiplatform are offered as well on top of international platforms, servicing users of all demographic. Vision is to provide an integrated platform for gamers, publishers, developers, as well as distributors, with strong marketing network and local presence in each region in SEA. We also provide an integrated solution to websites and portals owners who would like to generate a new revenue stream from their sites, by exporting our games to their sites. Engage high-end infrastructure in managing the operations, adopting latest hybrid technology using public cloud and private VMware virtualization infrastructure to provide high availability environments in order to minimize service interruption.


Our core services include: developing games for PC, Android and iOS

NationalTaiwanUniversity, Imformation Management

TAT is a VR tower defense game based on HTC Vive and Unity engine with splendid bombing effects and fantastic story settings. The player will become a wizard, stand on the tower, throw out fireballs and draw on thundering lights to fight against the invading enemies. While they're coming from all directions, can you get the mission done with quick eyes and deft hands? Find out more in the world of TAT!



Dr. Science – Interactive learning for science Over-Paradigm Technology Inc. have already be development of VR immersion learning. In 1500 interactive teaching elements, 3D virtual laboratory, VR immersion learning experiment with seamless service support program. Wherein the 3D virtual laboratory has obtained Competition 2015 The Horizon Interactive Awards Mobile Apps - Education Gold Medal. 3D Augmented Reality Interactive APP Smart Learning Kit - Ducky Albert The best software developer provides 3 to 10-year-old kids with situated interactive learning, applying AR high end technology.



"PeachyBoysOfficial" is a Facebook page of gay illustrations that depict the slice of life stories of an adorable gay couple and their friends while expressing the ongoing issues in the gay circles.

Pi Square

PiStage Pipeline Tools: Content Creation Toolset Helps you easily create game engine compliant content such as models, skeletons, shaders, ...etc. Asset Converter Converts your 3d assets from 3d software to game engines painlessly. Maya to Unreal Syncing Animators, lighters, camera operators and FX artists can see the final result instantly while editing the scene. This feature is also good for making live 3d shows. Scene Packer Converts your scene layouts and animations into playable game cinematics. Then they are ready for use as game levels or VR environments, or for high quality video output.


Play4fun Sdn Bhd

Rising Win Tech CO., LTD

"Soul War" is a new type of monopoly cards competition game. The game contains a single player story mode and multiplayer online fighting mode. Players need to combine their own cards, and can choose to have a different character with special skills to play the role of the game. There will be many different events on the map, players need to use their cards to compete for the territory, you can also use a variety of interesting props to take advantage or interfere opponent, to achieve the final victory!


River Studio

We are currently developing a game called “SWORDS OF ICE & FIRE”, using swipe gesture to combine objects and passing stage through battles. There are 4 types of object “Hero, Sword, Ice, and Fire”. Hero defeats monsters with “IceSword” and “FireSword” in limited rounds. The game will be available on AppStore & Google play this year.


Rnova Studio

Noah’s Bottle is an auto generative rhythm game, the music notes can be generated from players’ own musics, they can also compose their own music scripts. The game has more than 500,000 downloads. Lyrica is a rhythm game currently in development. The game combined with Chinese classic poetries and pop musics, it’s set to be release in Oct, 2017. RNOVA Studio is young team looking for partnerships, investors, as well as distributors.


Runewaker Entertainment

Shadoworks Co., Ltd.

Platform Surreal Education provides educational VR contents and platform that includes an account management system for students and teachers. The platform offers features including learning progression, scoring system, course management and course discussion. It collects and analyzes user behavior for learning evaluation. The platform also gives teachers the freedom to design and create a more personalized VR curriculum better suited for different individuals. VR learning solution 1. VR classroom design: Our team can design and build your VR classroom and provides students a unique learning experience based on your teaching requirements. There are series of highly interactive and engaging contents available on our platform to improve students' motivation and learning effectiveness. 2. Diverse AR/VR contents: We have a wide range of courses available in AR/VR including chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, English, geography, earth science, and disaster prevention education.


Shou Yang Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

碩陽數位科技為Google在臺灣教育市場G Suite for Education指定認證合作夥伴,協助Google在臺灣推廣產品與服務,並由Google認證規劃G Suite for Education教育家第1級課程,提供Chrome Management Console服務,幫助學校將G Suite for Education應用於校園行政與教學現場,打造雲端教學環境,提高學校行政與教學效率。 PowerClass電子校園方案,前身為eClass校園解決方案,為全球最多華人使用的校務行政與教學系統。PowerClass優化eClass功能,以雲端為系統核心架構,支援行動載具APP服務,延伸校園行政與教學現場應用面向,以更簡約、更直覺化的設計,整合更多元、更方便的功能需求,為學校提高校園行政效率、為教學現場提升課堂學習成效、為家校雙向溝通帶來創新的思維。 卡內基STEM教育課程由美國卡內基美隆大學機器人研究所授權,此課程解決方案除課程本身內容之外,包含教師專業培訓,提供教師相關STEM教育技能、教學法、教學觀念、教學內容與指引,並輔導通過認證鑑測,成為全球公認的STEM教育家。此課程以專題方式規劃,以做中學為教學方式設計,利用真實生活情境,培養學生透過日常生活經驗,學習運算思維、團隊合作、思辨力、專案管理等21世紀人才的能力。

Sneakybear Studio

Board game designers. Products: Slime Adventure: The Mystical Forest. Dawn of the Dice.


SOFTSTAR has been dedicated in self-developing model since its establishment in 1988. The company created several long-lasting intellectual properties (IPs) and gained irreplaceable position throughout Sinosphere area. Since 2014, SOFTSTAR added PC and mobile game publishing subsidiary, hence becoming a comprehensive game company.



Game publishing. Looking for best products in Card battle, MMORPG, SLG... also game engine for 3D MMORPG.

SoyJump Games Corporation


《Twinkle Bubble》is a bubble shooter puzzle game which you can learn color mixing and how to recognize zodiac when playing. You can also enjoy this game with your friends by using Facebook social features! Google Play: https://goo.gl/HWskoD


Stream Inc.

Stream is a startup company focusing on solving problems with self-developed smart technology. Our Audience Advisor system can effectively discover valuable audiences to help clients spending the budget on the right group. Moreover, Stream has a profound study in younger generation, which helps clients on delivering messages effectively to the youth. Our service items include: ❖ 【Exclusive Traffic Channel】 From Appma, our self-owned traffic channel, and other long-term cooperated channels that have been selected meticulously, Stream acquires users traffic with loyalty, high quality, and high ARPU. ❖ 【Advertising Management】 Supported by technology, Audience Advisor accelerates the process on facebook and google optimization. In terms of TA grouping and keyword selecting, AA can assist on expanding the business opportunities, and can adjust the marketing strategy depending on the insight report. ❖ 【Integrated Marketing】 We provide a better and diverse customized services from A to Z, including Strategy Planning, Performance Marketing, Video Production, KOL publicity, and WOM publicity.

Studio REALS

KRAFT STORY: “When nothing is left of the world, can you still hold onto hope?” Humanity's greed and abuse of natural resources forced mother nature to retaliate, only desolation remains. The land of Sylcivia is a post-apocalyptic world where scientists discover “Kraft”, the last remaining source of energy able to be harnessed. Soon Kraft became humanity's desperate hope... On the protagonists' journey to seek out this last hope, an adventure is about to begin...



Meow Remix is a cat-themed rhyme-matching game. Every player input generates a musical note, and causes the cat on the screen to do one cute trick. Overall, the idea is somehow like a video sampler and a DJ’s mixer for scratching rolled into one. You have a turntable and a sampling button at the bottom of the screen, in the shape of cat paws, then manipulate the cat’s animation to the background music. It’s conceptualized as a rhyme game for cat lovers. The launch window of Meow Remix, according to the plan, is Q3 2017. The game will be released on all mainstream mobile platforms, including iOS, and Android. We will start with a relatively simple version 1.0, then continuously iterate.


Thinking Design Studio

*illustrator *IP authorization *Special column *Comic *Lecture course


Titanium A Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

A. (Development Cooperation) : Game development cooperation. The product can be branded by both companies. B. (Indie Game) : Indie Game development #Android #IOS #Windows Phone #PC_Game #VR_Game


Tongjidi Electronic Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Our mission is creating entertaining games for everybody. Founded in 2014, Tongjidi is committed to the development and promotion of intellectual property and digital game. Currently Tongjidi has already developed various character brands, game applications, and related merchandise. In the near future, Tongjidi will go further to develop console games (downloaded from online stores), and VR/AR games. We keep engaging in the brand strategy development for both domestic and international marketing. ​ Our services: -IP Licensing -Tailored Design of Mascot/Digital Sticker. -Image Design for Enterprise/Organization. -Various Types of Graphic Design.


Her Errand Boys is a classic board game of the “Tool Age”. Throughout its two editions published, the game is made to mock the wishful-thinking pursuers in the trending PTT style. The Errand Boy’s Lexicon was the most popular series during the online campaign of Her Errand Boys. Through the editing of such a “dictionary”, we invite all those who are single or interested in the ecosystem of relationship to discover the nature of love.


udnFunLife CO., LTD.

incubation, licensing, consulting service for illustration & creative contents.


UnDream devotes to game developing. We don't have high technology or skill, but all of our members have a heart with great passion, and a brain with strange and cool ideas. UnDream is good at finding and making new type of playing mode and user story. Also, we believe that "there is always a good story in a good game" Combining the elements, that is the feature of UnDream's games. UnDream will not limit ourselves to make specific type of games or platform. If we get the idea, and we have the ability, we will try every platforms or types of games.It’s one of our goals.


Sesame Open is a super easy app producing platform, it turns your activity process into APP in seconds, and publish to friends or customers with just one simple step. You may also use Sesame Open for : ◆TREASURE HUNTING◆ Donors hide treasures in the real world, and lock them with individual passwords; Hunters acquire treasure information, and break the puzzles to get the fortune. ◆FLIPPED CLASSROOM◆ Modified traditional assignments into quests, gamifying learning in your flipped classroom. ◆SIGHTSEEING TOUR◆ Create interesting navigation APP in the attractions, monuments, museums, ecological parks, simply economize guidance manpower resource. ◆COMMERCIAL VALUE UP◆ Arrange some surprise gift in your business cafes or airbnb rental houses and so on, there is no limit to the various business value of the application waiting for you to explore. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ facebook page : www.facebook.com/412193549132891/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


“Hoping & Sasa”, an original parent-child brand from Taiwan, possesses limitless energy and is the producer of happiness. Born in the colourful and cheerful Balloon village, Hoping & Sasa possess the DNA of happiness. They wish to bring laughter and courage to every corner of the world, have fun, go on an adventure, and face each day courageously. Follow Hoping & Sasa as they explore all the secrets of this wondrous world through their adventurous perspective!


【魔怪大進擊AR】 is developed by augmented reality technology, let the monsters of [MoKai Adventure] out of the physical cards and presented in mobile device screen. By using a mobile device camera to scan cards, summon the same monster, then interact with it on your mobile device's screen, or play several mini-games with educational value. In the future, more mini-games will be added from time to time to expand the contents of the product. In addition, cards can still play poker or other card games.


wiedu corporation

wikidue provides K12 STEAM educational total solutions, which include teaching aids, teaching plans, teacher trainings, an educational app, and operational services. We have two well-developed programs, BaBame robotic car and Parrot drone. The curriculum is based on ISTE standard. Furthermore, wikidue integrates mobile learning and gamification learning into creative teaching plans to teach kids how to code and develop them with soft skills (creativity, computational thinking, complex problem solving, collaboration and communication). Until now, wikidue has already helped over 2000 students and trained more than 200 school teachers in Taiwan.


Wind Design Co., Ltd.

WinBrothers: Character illustration \ License \ Stuffed Doll \ Stuffed Doll \ Bag \Stationery \ animation “Win” in the name of WinBrothers means triumph, fight for victory.Two brothers, who love to eat and fight each other, inspired Mama Win to create the winning adventure of searching for delicious food with characters such as picky eater B-Win, food lover S-Win, couple A-no and A-wan, gourmet expert Egglog.


Yung Yuen Scientific Instruments co.,Ltd

Manufacture of Innovative Science Experiment kit / Computerized Science Experiment / Digital Cloud-based Learning Media / Systematic Science Experiment / Science Scenario Class Planning / Science Exploring Park Design / Future Classroom Planning (Digital / Cloud-based / Networking / Computerized) / Diversified Digital Interactive Teaching System / Wireless Microscope Interactive Teaching System / Curriculum Auto-Tracking System / Cloud-based Learning System  Systematic Science Experiment Kit & Innovative Science Teaching Kit  Digital Learning Cube & Computerized Science Experiment  Wireless Microscope & Digital Interactive Teaching System



The trial of witch When she woke up, she found herself sitting at the scene of a murder. Her hands were covered by blood and there was a strange body in front of her. As the victim's death was so peculiar, she was treated as a witch and was locked up in a special prison. There are only 2 days before being burnt at the stake. However she did not have any memory of what had happened, except for two "facts",the blood and the death. To find out the truth, she had no choice but to start the escape plan...


ZoeL's WonderLand

Brand business items: illustrations, comics, peripheral goods, image authorization, role endorsement, book creation and so on.