Previous Review — 2015

Inhope to stimulate the development of local digital content industry, IDBMOEA,Taiwan has continuously hosted “Digital Taipei” throughout the years andinvited international digital content industry people to Taiwan for businessexchanges.

2015 Digital Taipei was held from 9/8-9/9. Themed “Anytime、Anywhere、Anything,” the eventcarried the concept of mobile life and delivered many discussions about innovativeapplications that advance with times. Itled us to better understand user needs and capture the future digitalentertainment business opportunities. Activitiesinclude “International Trends, Market Development Forum,” “Precise 1-on-1Business Matchmaking,” and “New Product Exhibition.” 47 international speakers were invited topresent in 34 international forums. Itattracted over 173 international buyers to join and completed 517 1-on-1business matching sessions, with creating 2.7 billion NT dollars potentialbusiness value. The accumulated numberof participants was 2,540, and 104 home and aboard media professionals attendedwith over 800 media exposures.

International Forum

47 international speakers, 34 forum session, 2,540 professional participants

TheDeveloper Evangelist of Amazon, Mike Hines was invited as a keynote speaker topresent marketing practices. From theperspective of sustainable management, he pointed out how the most successfulAPP created the adhesion of thefans, gained more AD income and IAP consumption. Another hottest topic of the year was VRtrend. A series of forum sessionsincluded former developer of Candy Crush Saga, Tommy Palm andthe inventor of CORTEX, the CEO of SULONTechnologies, Dhan Balachand shared their views respectively from the contentcreator and the equipment manufacturer perceptions. Both offered their opinions about the nextstep of VR and its potential to develop a greater business opportunity.

As for the cross-straitcooperation, many famous CEOs of game companies from both sides were gatheredin the “Cross-strait Game Forum.” Many in-depth discussions were focused on “howto explore new niches in the competitive mobile gaming market?” and “How tocreate new opportunities for cross-strait industrial cooperation?”

In addition, to meet the tendency of the global changein the mobile age, new activities such as “4K VFX Technology and Market TrendsForum,” “Digital Mobile Comics and Animation Forum,” “International iCampus Forum,”“Cross-domain innovative Learning Forum,” and “Anime Forum” were speciallyplanned to provide future prospects of industry development for allparticipants.

Product Exhibition

Domestic and Foreign firms actively participated the show

In order to enhancing the visibility of companyproducts, an exhibition area was held at the periphery of the forum. There were 117 domestic and foreign companiesexhibited, including many international award-winning teams. Over 200 products were displayed ranging fromgame development, operation, agency, cash flow, cloud service, to digitaladvertising...etc. The exhibitionattracted nearly 3,000 visitors and created more tie-ups for their businesses.

Precise 1-on-1 Business Matching

Over 22 countries, 173 international buyers participated

Therewere 173 international buyers came from US, Japan, China, Canada, France, SouthKorea, UK, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Belgium, India,Poland, Sweden, Mexico and others. Throughprior matchmaking arrangements, companies effectively approached their targetcustomers to achieve authorization, agency, manufacturing, joint development,and other diversified modes of cooperation. 517 meeting sessions were matched in 2 days,reaching potential business opportunity about 2.66 billion NT dollars.

Opening Ceremony

Digital Taipei opening ceremony was held andinvited the Deputy Director Generalof IDBMOEA, Cheng-Hua Lu, Digital Taipei event convener, Robert Huang, Executive Secretary of TCA, Enoch Dutogether with keynote speakers to kick off the event.

Special Event

To alleviate the fatigue of international buyersand to narrow the relations gap within all participants, we specially created adinning environment where people could have fun and easy to communicate. It helped our guests forget the hard workduring the day and establish good relations in a cordial atmosphere.