Retrospective of Digital Taipei 2016

Digital Taipei has been held by Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau(IDB) since 2009 to facilitate Taiwan’s digital content industry. We invite everyone involved in digital content industry to join us here for exchanging ideas, creating cooperation and exploring more business opportunities.

Digital Taipei is the most professional B2B trade fair for digital content, acting as a bridge connecting Taiwan and the world. It was held on September 7th ~ 9th, 2016. The theme of last year was ‘S.M.A.R.T.’, meant to Smart, Mobile, App, VR/AR and Technology. Through the sharing of the latest technology applications and trends, we expected to help attendees exploit innovative applications matching users’ demand and dig up business opportunities in digital entertainment.

Digital Taipei was divided into three main events: international forum, showcasing and business matchmaking.
* For 3 days forum hosted 13 sessions involving 43 speakers around the world
* Attracting 214 buyers from 23 countries
* Attended by 4494 professional audiences
* 800+ business matchmaking meetings facilitate potential cooperation with 4.5 million NTD
* More than 80 media representatives attending the events with 800 news reported

International Forum

13 forum sessions involving 47 speakers and 2314 professional audiences

There were 13 forum sessions involving 47 speakers, who came not only from Taiwan but around the world. Several speakers are highly sought-after at GDC, E3, GMGC, ChinaJoy and Gamescom. The topics widely covered innovative games and marketing, hottest VR/AR, creative apps and live streaming platforms for marketing, independent game development, market trends and insights, etc. The forum was engaged with 2314 professional audiences.

Keynote speeches were given by Mr. Levi Buchanan and Mr. Greg Madison. Mr. Levi Buchanan works at Electronic Arts(US) as the Developer Relations Director of Chillingo and has devoted to developing and delivering mobile games for many years. He guides developers how to design product style, have more control over risk and steer potential opportunities based on his technology and hack. Mr. Greg Madison is the Lead UX Designer for VR/AR/MR at Unity Technologies(France), ever served as a professional magician. He has invested lots of time and effort on integrating all interactive mechanisms. It forms a ‘self-system’ for completely combining virtual and real worlds.

Other forums were also held such as global market trends, for developers, VR Graphic Application and Development, Animation Creativity and VFX Technology of New Generation, Asia Pacific Game Summit, ASIA-PACIFIC SMART CAMPUS CONFERENCE, international learning and cross-disciplinary innovation, and Smart Exhibition Innovative Application. These forums focus on the trends and demand in global digital content industry, allowing attendees to know the trends and future of mobile application industry.


developers proactively showcase their ideas

Digital Taipei set up the showcasing area for developers to promote their ideas with higher exposure! The 181 developers and teams from Taiwan and other countries showcased their products, some of them were even given global awards. Over 200 products covered game development, platform, AR/VR technology, cloud service, digital advertising, e-learning, etc. For two days event was attended by 4500 professional audiences, having conversations with the developers.

Business Matchmaking

Attracting 214 buyers from 23 countries

In 2016, 214 buyers participated Digital Taipei coming from 23 countries, including Japan, China, U.S., Finland, Iran, Indonesia, Spain, France, Jordan, U.K., Thailand, Peru, Malaysia, Malta, Vietnam, Italy, Singapore, Germany, Turkey, Macau and Australia. Through matching system, it built effective conversations between all the buyers and developers for global business cooperation such as licensing, outsourcing, co-development, etc. It aimed to help developers to create more global business opportunities. At the end of the event, it contributed over 800 meetups and potential business cooperation up to 4.5 billion NTD.

Opening Ceremony

Mr. You(Secretary General of IDB), Mr. Wang(Chairman of Digital Taipei), Mr. Du(Secretary General of TCA), keynote speakers around the world and Taiwan’s notable companies hosted the opening ceremony.

Digital Taipei Night

Having Digital Taipei Night warmly welcome all the buyers around the world. Hope buyers enjoy a relaxing night and socialize with Taiwan’s and other countries’ attendees.