Evaluating rules of buyer status
VIP buyer General buyer
Content Purchase
Platform provider
IP licensing
Telecommunications Network Operator
Investment Agency
Media & Advertisement
Taiwan Publisher
Digital Content related companies

※ Buyer registration starts from 5th June. You will get VIP buyer status only by 31st July.
※ Please provide a valid official website for reviewing your company nature
※ The organizer reserves the right to interpret the evaluating rule of buyer status

Accredited buyers can have following benefits…
Buyer Program VIP buyer General Buyer
Local accommodation from 10th to 13th Sep. (4 days 3 nights)

Shuttle services from TPE (Taoyuan) / TSA (Songshan) airport to the hotel on 10th Sep & 13th Sep.

Access to on-line matching system. (Biz matching on-line booking start on 7th Aug.)

Invitation to all relevant events.

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