Buyer Qualifications & Package
VIP Buyer
General Buyer
VIP Buyer
General Buyer
Game Publisher or Platform
Content Purchaser
Content Platform Provider
IP Licensing
Telecommunications Network Operator
Investment Agency
Game Developer
Media & Advertisement
Taiwan Publisher or Platform
Taiwan Content Purchaser or Platform
Other Digital Content Related Company
Accommodation for 3 nights
Lunch provided daily in the fair
Local airport transfer
Personal reception service
Access to Matching System
  1. One company limits 1free room for VIP buyers.
  2. Buyer registration starts from April 8. You will receive VIP buyer status by 7 th June.
  3. Please provide a valid official website for reviewing your company nature
  4. The organizer reserves the right to interpret the evaluating rule of buyer status


Taipei Computer Association
Cathy lin
+886-2-2577-4249 #345