Exhibitor Registration & Regulation
International Exhibitors
Exhibition Packages Program Pricing &Description Standard Package VR/AR Theme Pavilion Package Indie Festa
Price US$1000.- US$1000.- US$4000.- US$500.-
Early Bird
(Discount deadline by 15th June 2017)
US$500.- US$500.- US$2000.- Free
(Must complete online registration and provide relevant information for qualification review before deadline)
Services Basic booth space (2M×2M), with standard shell scheme 1 booth set - 4 booth sets -
Basic booth space (3M×3M) -

- -
Show case display stand (1.5M×0.5M) - - - 1 display set
Listing in official event guide 1 page 1 page 1 page 1 page
Exhibitor badges 2 badges 2 badges 8 badges 2 badges
All Pass (Exhibition, Forum, Opening, DT night) 2 badges 2 badges 8 badges 2 badges
Online booking for 1-on-1 business matching (user account)

Hotel accommodation up to 3 nights (9/10-9/13, during event time, designated by the organizer) - - 1 single room -
※Please contact us for customize decoration and sponsor partnership.
  1. Eligibility for exhibiting:
    1. Standard Package:
      1. Digital content related vendors or agencies.
      2. Companies without subject-relevant products are prohibited.
      3. Products should be labeled in accordance with the provisions of grading. Products with counterfeit labeling, portrait, infringe trademark/patent of others or under legal proceedings of trademark/patent violation are not allowed to exhibit.
      4. The organizer is authorized to remove any exhibit when above claims occur from the stand. The exhibitor is hereby responsible for further legal charge or financial loss. And the exhibitor payment will not be refunded.
    2. Indie Festa (All of the above + following requirements)
      1. Studio or company staffs are less than 15 people.
      2. Studio or company’s capital is less than US$1,000,000.-
      3. Studio or company with annual revenues less than US$5 million.
      4. Self-developed game product, 75% completion or above。
      5. Each studio or company can only apply for 1 show case display stand.

    Applications will be reviewed and approved by the organizer. Applicants that is disqualified to exhibit at the 「Indie Festa」 can consider other alternative, such as 「Standard Package」 to exhibit.

  2. Submit the registration form
    Print out the finished online registration form and add the company’s stamp or signature. Please scan the completed registration form and email it to: mila@mail.tca.org.tw
  3. Payment method
    1. T/T wire transfer payments infull after registration is completed. An invoice is issued when payment isreceived.
    2. All bank handlingcharges must not be includedin the amount of payment.
    3. Pleasespecify this payment is for 「2017 Digital Taipei」 when making the transfer.
    4. Beneficiary Information:
      BeneficiaryBank : FIRST  COMMERCIAL  BANK
      Branch of Bank: PATEH  BRANCH
      A/C No.:148-40-001581
      BankAddress: NO,3 SEC. 1 TUN HWA S. ROAD TAIPEI TAIWAN R.O.C
  4. Withdraw a registration
    If an exhibitor withdraws after receiving confirmation, the payment will not be returned or refunded.
  5. Others
    1. The organizer will arrange the exhibition floor plan accordingly. Will inform the exhibitors their location thereafter.
    2. The organizer retains the right to review any Indie Festa application; a company that is not qualified in the Indie Festa category can adopt other program selections.
    3. The organizer retains the right to allocate the booths of exhibitors.
    4. If any remaining outstanding issues are identified, the organizer reserves the right to change, and will announce accordingly. As a result of natural disasters or other irresistible force of event (e.g. industrial action, act of God, war), the organizer is entitled to postpone, shorten, temporarily close or cancel the event. If such change should occur, there is no claim of refund, compensation or undertake other liability from the organizer.
  6. Contacts
    Taipei Computer Association TEL: +886-2-2577-4249
    Address: 3F.,No.2,Sec.3,Bade Rd.,Songshan Dist.,Taipei 105,Taiwan

    Judy Zhu,ext.379,email:judy@mail.tca.org.tw
    Mila Chung,ext.824, email:mila@mail.tca.org.tw
Decoration schematic & specs.

Standard Booth:

No Equipped items quantity
1 Partition  1
2 Carpet 1
3 Name Board 1
4 Show Cabinet 1
5 Desk 1
6 Folding chair 3
7 Light 2
8 Socket (110V/500W) 2

Indie Booth:

No Equipped items quantity
1 Display desk 1
2 Name Board 1
3 Folding chair 2
4 Socket (110V/500W) 2

Theme Pavilion:

No Equipped items quantity
1 Partition 4
2 Carpet 4
3 Name Board 8
4 Show Cabinet 4
5 Desk 4
6 Folding chair 12
7 Light 8
8 Socket (110V/500W) 4


No Equipped items quantity
1 Partition  1
2 Carpet 1
3 Name Board 1
4 Show Cabinet 1
5 Folding chair 2
6 Light 3
7 Socket (110V/500W) 2