Dillon Becker
Job Title:
Video Producer

Best Practices for Improving Video Ad Metrics
15:50 - 16:30
Location (room):
Room 5
《Speaker Profile》:
Dillon Becker is a video producer in the mobile gaming industry, specializing in user acquisition and marketing. He's produced successful video ads and trailers for mobile giants Storm8 and Machine Zone.
《Session Description》:
User acquisition teams are using video to drive higher install rates and lower CPIs. Producing high-performance video ads is more important than ever. Using data from real-world campaign examples, we'll look at what makes a video ad succeed and what makes it fail. Attendees will walk away with best practices for testing and improving their video advertisements to help win the user acquisition race. This session welcomes anyone seeking insight on how to improve overall performance of their video advertisements. Some experience in marketing or user acquisition may be useful but is not required.