Justin Fischer
Agency Principle
Job Title:
Founder & President

Better Development Through Science: How Aliens, Greek Mythology, and Toyota Can Help Improve Game Production
16:30 - 17:10
Location (room):
Room 5
《Speaker Profile》:
Justin Fischer is a veteran game developer and consultant. He has worked on titles for conoles PC, and mobile in a variety of genres. His game credits include Avengers Initiative, Disney Infinity, and the upcoming Ray’s The Dead. He holds an MBA from Northwestern University and owns his own development studio, Agency Principle
《Session Description》:
Game development is an exercise in quasi-controlled chaos. But what if you could make sense of the madness? The same tools Fortune 500 companies use to manage billion-dollar supply chains and e-commerce portals can work for game development. You don't need expensive analytics packages or reams of data. You just need Excel, arithmetic, and an understanding of your current processes. The session starts with the fundamental principle of operations, Little's Law, and how you can use it to analyze any pipeline process. From there, Justin will show you how to leverage that basic concept and a simple spreadsheet to optimally staff those processes. The second half will be a deep dive into lean production, using the famous Toyota production system as a template. Justin will show you how to systematically minimize wasted effort and maximize your ability to respond to change with practical, concrete examples. Welcome to game development...with science! You will take away with Practical tools for managing the unpredictability of game development, improving efficieny, and minimizing waste.