Zhong Du
Murphy Capital
Job Title:

The Industry Chain of the Combination of Enterprise and Finance of Entertainment in Mainland China
15:50 - 16:30
Location (room):
Room 5
《Speaker Profile》:
  Speaker Profile: Du Zhong, partner of Murphy Capital, personal angle investor, founder of the TianJin Ranger Network Technology co., Ltd, 51wan strategic cooperative partner. Graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology, and majored in game design, has worked  for Linekong Intercative Group Co., Ltd, Hoolai Games as the senior position: the chief planner and the directer of operation, etc. Main Programs: Hoolai Three Kingdoms,Journey to the West, Miracle Paean,Soul hunters, etc. Now mainly invests the game field.
《Session Description》:
  Discription 1 、 Pan-entertainment actually in mainland China 2 、 Future industry development in mainland China 3 、 The combination of enterprise and finance in game industry and the investment principle 4 、 Murphy pan-entertainment chain and cases Take away 1 、 Current statues of the games in mainland China 2 、 Pre-clam thinking of the movie-game linkage 3 、 Investment standards of game companies in mainland China 4 、 New ideas of the combination of enterprise and finance in game industry Intended Audience 1 、 Companies seeking investment 2 、 Investors seeking for investment target 3 、 Content companies want to unfold the IP linkage quickly. 4 、 Entrepreneurs who hope to star their career in game industry.