Gregoire PARAIN
Job Title:
Managing Director

Creating original VR content from creation up to distribution
11:20 - 12:00
Location (room):
Room 5
《Speaker Profile》:
Mr. Gregoire PARAIN is the Shareholder since the early days of AudioGaming and joined operationally the company to help develop the VR part under the trademark Novelab. He managed the VR projects of the Company including Notes on Blindness, Kinoscope, Zaha Hadid VR Experiences, Peugeot Amplified Experience and Unrest VR. In 2016, he participated to the creation of “UNI VR”, the French think-tank dedicated to Virtual Reality and managing major projects, he drives the structuring of the company in a rapid growing phase.
《Session Description》:
Numerous studies have shown VR technology can affecting Consumer decision making. Without experience, VR marketing method still can’t ensuring to Shape the brand image and Stimulate sales. What’s marketing strategy can inpressing VR marketing value, let’s Novelab ’s Managing Director Mr. Gregoire PARAIN share his projects management experience and the vision of French’s public issue and Industrial chain with VR.